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respiratory system

Yinqiao Shangfeng capsule

This product is hard capsule, the content is yellow brown children's brown powder; the gas is fragrant, bitter and pungent. Indications: dispersing wind and relieving exterior, clearing heat and detoxification. For exogenous wind heat, febrile disease, fever, cold, high fever, thirst, headache, red eyes, sore throat.

Detailed introduction

[product category] OTC, non exclusive

[product ingredients] Flos Lonicerae, Forsythia suspensa, burdock, Platycodon grandiflorum, reed root, mint, Douchi, liquorice, bamboo leaf, Schizonepeta, artificial bezoar.

[product description] this product is hard capsule, and the content is yellow brown powder of children; it is fragrant, bitter and pungent.

[function indications] it can disperse wind and relieve exterior, clear heat and detoxify. For exogenous wind heat, febrile disease, fever, cold, high fever, thirst, headache, red eyes, sore throat.